News for 1/18-1/22/16

Don’t forget to register for the Summit Against Racism! Join us on Saturday 1/23 for a full day of discussion and learning.

We are participating in a panel at 230 pm, on “Building Equitable Communities: Strategies for Tenant and Community Organizing.”

Long Hall, Pgh Theological Seminary, Room 216 -Track – Housing
SESSION BLOCK 3 – 2:35pm – 4:05pm

PPT is committed to ensuring that there is affordable housing near transit lines and amenities.

Let us know if you plan to attend so you can get the group rate (10 dollars/person). Email


Check out the results of the Make My Trip Count Survey!

Nearly 35% of people use public transit to get to work and that number would be even higher if we included trips for other purposes. Let’s continue to ensure there are adequate transit options for everyone.

tranportation Infographic