PPT supports Port Authority’s proposed fare reduction!

Port Authority proposed a new fare policy that includes reducing the Zone 2 fare from 3.75 to 2.50. This is great news! Other details of the proposal are here.

These are our responses. The public comment period lasts for 60 days and we hope riders come out to tell Port Authority what they think! More details on dates and times to follow.

We have one of the highest base fares in the country, and public transit riders should not pay any more for transit than we currently do. If anything, we should pay less.

  • We support reducing the zone 2 fare from 3.75 to 2.50, especially for the benefit of low-income suburban riders.
  • We are opposed to cash surcharges, but we do encourage riders to use connect cards. However, we believe that Port Authority needs to provide more education and infrastructure to ensure that all riders have access to cards.
  • Routes designed as feeders (for example, the 79 and the 89) should have free transfers to the main routes.
  • If Port Authority has to enact a fee for connect cards in order to put them in the ticket vending machines, the charge should be as low as possible. But the cards should still be free at the service center downtown, Giant Eagle locations, etc.
  • We support weekly and monthly passes for those who are eligible for the half-fare. These riders currently have to pay for each ride to get the reduced fare.

Tell Port Authority what you think!