Help rally 200 supporters before the end of 2019

“We all rise up when we center those who are at the margins.” -Ms. Pearl Hughey, PPT Member

You can build this grassroots movement for transit equity, one that centers the leadership and value of those most marginalized. Donate today to push PPT’s rider-led advocacy towards our year-end goal of raising $10,000 and activating 200 new supporters.

Here is a story from Ms. Pearl about her work to defend and expand public transit:

My name is Pearl Hughey. I’m a lifelong resident of Rankin. For me, my family, and my neighbors, public transit is a lifeline to opportunity. Last year when the transit agency said our bus service in the Mon Valley would be cut by 50% because of new rapid transit between Oakland and Downtown, we knew our communities would be devastated. We knew we had to stand up for change.

Change doesn’t come without strategy and commitment. For 18 months we organized. We built a movement. We gained power.

When the transit authority made their final announcement, we saw all of our hard work pay off. We won and we won big! Not only would the cuts be reversed, but now this rapid bus corridor would speed up our buses too.

The fight isn’t over. We need to keep working so that everyone in the Mon Valley, Eastern Suburbs and Allegheny County has access to quality, affordable transit.

We designed a grassroots approach to transit planning—one that allows the people who are directly affected to set priorities. Now we need you to rise up with us in this campaign to help see it through. When we come together, we can win.

Pearl Hughey
PPT Member
East Busway Organizing Fellow

Your action will make it possible for more neighbors like Ms. Pearl to work with PPT’s Organizing Fellowship and win quality, affordable public transit for Allegheny County. 

Your gift of any size—whether $5, $50, or $500—will go toward our goal of $10,000.
Your voice in sharing this work will help toward our goal of activating 200 new advocates.