New 100 Days Transit Platform Paints Achievable Vision for Incoming Mayor of Pittsburgh

[Image Description: photo of a group of PPT members, community allies, and elected officials gathering at the Fifth and Atwood Bus Station to release the Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform. They hold signs that read “Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform”, “Transit Moves Us”, “Equitable Housing Now”, and “Food Justice is Housing Justice is Economic Justice is Housing Justice”.

Press Conference to Launch the Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform lays out an ambitious but achievable workplan for the new city administration.

On December 16th, riders, workers, and allies rallied in Oakland to launch the Pittsburgh 100 Day Transit Platform for the next Mayor of Pittsburgh. This platform highlights the role that the City of Pittsburgh plays in ensuring that all residents have access to quality, accessible transit, and puts forward a list of 18 priority actions that Mayor-Elect Gainey can pursue in his first 100 days.

The press conference included a packed list of passionate speakers spoke on the key categories of the 100 Days Platform during the press conference, ranging from building affordable housing next to frequent transit corridors to relocating abandoned bus shelters, to current routes and fixing broken sidewalks.

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In the City of Pittsburgh, Bus Lines Are Lifelines

With the dawn of a new mayoral administration, all of us have the opportunity to make history and immediately improve the experience for riders. PPT’s 100 Days Transit Policy Platform is about getting folks where they need to go and ensuring that our neighbors can safely travel to a bus stop without fear of mobility limitations. Local transit initiatives have the power to map Pittsburgh’s future cityscape while also improving housing equity and creating economic growth for all residents. As Executive Director Laura Chu Wiens stated “Public transit is essential for a healthy, economically robust, equitable, sustainable, world-class city…We have this incredible asset in this robust public transit system in our City, which leads to enormous and demonstrable benefits in reductions in congestion, improvements in public health, transportation cost savings for households.” It is past time for the City of Pittsburgh to do its’ part to make this future a reality.

Thank you once again to Bill McDowell, Teireik Williams, Kevin Joa, Pastor Love, Ms. Saundra Cole, and Rev. Sally Jo Snyder who shared their stories.

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