New Graphic Novel Series on the Future of Transit Justice

PPT members are creating a graphic novel series on transit justice, and we want you to join in

PPT Members are planning big things for our March General Meeting. Together we’re creating a Transit Justice Graphic Novel series. The first topic will be on #FairFares. How will the world be different when we have organized and won #FairFares for everyone in Allegheny County? Join us at our March General Meeting to start the process with a creative brainstorm: March 11, 6pm Social Hour // 7pm General Meeting, 1 Smithfield St. A team of artists will help us sketch out the future of transit justice.

An expanded, accessible transit network to connect our region and beyond? A full fleet of electric buses? Walkable communities with family-owned businesses and affordable housing? A system without fares? A Green New Deal moved forward by transit labor? A transit agency led by its riders? Robust transit funding with corporations paying their fair share? Intersectional coalitions that organize boldly for collective liberation?

The true freedom to move?

Meeting 1: Transit Justice Graphic Novel Brainstorm
March 11 // 6pm Social Hour // 7pm General Meeting
1 Smithfield Street

The Transit Justice Graphic Novel Project

Led by our members, PPT is moving to create a 4-part graphic novel series to tell the story of how our future transit system looks when riders & operators have organized and won campaigns for transit equity.

Through a series of moderated brainstorming workshops, PPT members will develop a shared vision of how our communities are transformed by deep rider-led organizing. We’ll work together with writers and artists connected to the movement to create a story that actually illustrates what this future looks like.

The first meeting is March 11th to focus on a #FairFares future. Join us to brainstorm ideas and get involved in the project. More dates to come.