One Day Longer: Buses for Perry Highway Campaign Wins Service!

Congratulations to the Northland Library, CCAC North, Crisis Center North and the hundreds of residents, political officials and businesses along the Perry Highway corridor who have kept up the advocacy for transit service to the corridor for the last five years! We are particularly grateful for the longtime support of the Ross Township Commission and Senator Randy Vulakovich and Senator Lindsey Williams who have taken up the torch over the years.

We know that access to the library, employment and higher education are critical needs that should be robustly served by public transit. You can check out the history of the Buses for Perry Highway campaign –the rallies, letter writing, and Port Authority testimony– here. We will always last ONE DAY LONGER. Sí se puede!

You can read more about the upcoming major transit service changes and learn about next steps in this recent Post Gazette article:

Port Authority to reroute some buses to service CCAC North and Northland Library

“More than five years after North Hills residents, businesses and organizations began lobbying for it, Port Authority will extend service to Community College of Allegheny County’s North Campus and the Northland Library in McCandless next March.

Port Authority announced changes for the 012 McKnight Flyer last week as part of a series of changes mostly involving extended weekend service to be implemented as part of the agency’s annual service review. The agency will take public input about the proposed changes before they begin March 15.”