Sign the Petition: Our Money. Our Solutions.

We know how to improve mobility for our communities.

For years, our neighbors in Hazelwood, Four Mile Run, Greenfield, Panther Hollow, Squirrel Hill and the surrounding communities have put forward ideas to improve our mobility: accessible sidewalks, expanded transit service, bike trail connections, and safe pedestrian crossings on busy streets
Time and time again, we’ve been told that there is no money to make those plans a reality.

However, the City is now pushing forward a multi-million dollar mobility project instead of our communities’ solutions. The City’s Mon-Oakland Connector plan would build a roadway through Schenley Park for private companies to operate “micromobility” connections between the Universities and the Hazelwood Green development site.

Neighbors in these communities have put together an alternate plan thatcalls for investment in needs that have been documented for years. It’s time our public money and officials support these priorities.

Sign the petition to support these community-generated solutions.