Port Authority’s Q2 Service Changes, with comment from the PGH Bus Info Hotline

Each quarter the Port Authority adjusts its transit schedules and routes to account for rider’s requests, ridership shifts, construction, road closures and/or all of the other unexpected hiccups that might affect Pittsburgh roads. 

In case you missed it, the most recent set of changes went into effect Sunday, June 16, 2019. The next set of changes due to be released in September. You can check Port Authority’s website to follow these quarterly service changes.

The Pittsburgh Bus Information Hotline is a volunteer-run twitter account that gives riders updates on Port Authority’s daily happenings. The Hotline has no official connection to the Port Authority (again, it is a volunteer-run twitter account) but the updates are helpful nonetheless. The Hotline is a big supporter of PPT, and an enormous advocate for public transit. We’re thankful for they’re support and happy to share this rundown of the Q2 service changes compiled by the Pittsburgh Bus Info Hotline.

Rundown of Q2 Service Changes, with takeaways from the PGH Bus Info Hotline

The Hotline’s overall takeaway from this quarter’s changes: The vast majority of these changes are positive, and will improve the transit experience for most riders.  

List of Q2 service changes are as follows:

PortAuthority Customer Service can be reached by phone 

@ 412-442-2000

Weekdays 5a to 7p

Weekend + Holidays 8a to 430p

or via Twitter @PGHTransit or @PGHTransitCare

The bus Info Hotline can be reached 

By phone @ 412-759-3335

ONLY When PortAuthority Customer Service is Closed/unavailable 

Or via Twitter anytime @PGH_BUS_INFO

The PGH Bus Info Hotline will be back on PPT’s blog in September for Q3 changes and takeaways. See ya then!