Transit is a Human Right! Residents at Hilltop Parkview Manor demand restoration of the 59 bus!

Over the past month, PPT has been partnering with Just Harvest, both on the BRT campaign to ensure equity in the Mon Valley and in the restoration of service to the the Hilltop Parkview Manor apartments in Duquesne. Residents hereĀ face a dangerous walk on steep roads with no sidewalks and heavy car traffic. For those who are elderly, disabled, or responsible for small children, the walk makes access to food, healthcare, jobs, family, and community extremely arduous and difficult.

Residents are asking that the 59 bus run through the community so they can have their lifeline back, and over 90 service requests have been submitted to the Port Authority. PPT believes that transit is a human right and supports communities organizing to get better transit service so they can thrive. And we are excited to be working with Just Harvest to ensure that residents have access to vital basic needs!