Transit Worker Appreciation Day 2022

image description: A Port Authority Transit worker cleans the driver’s console of a red Port Authority Bus. Steph Chambers/Post Gazette Next to the image is a logo that says “PAAC Transit Workers Appreciation Day” with two golden ferns and two red emoji buses.

Because transit workers rock, we roll. Help PPT to celebrate Transit Worker Appreciation Day, 2022

Transit workers are the muscle in our county. Each year they carry hundreds of thousands of riders to the places they need to go. They have been on the front lines through this whole pandemic working to keep our county moving and it’s about time they get some appreciation. 

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but especially transit workers. 7 Port Authority transit workers have passed away from COVID. But still, their brave colleagues continue to show up to keep the county moving.

March 18th marks Transit Worker Appreciation Day, a national celebration of transit workers and the heroic effort that these workers put in. Help us make it special by sharing your story and volunteering to help the effort.

Thank and celebrate transit workers by sharing a story about a time that transit workers have made a difference in your life.

Use our form below to share a personal story about the importance of transit workers and send your thanks. PPT will be collecting stories and thank-you notes from 250 riders and delivering them directly to transit workers at their workplace.

Volunteer with us to canvass riders and collect their stories and thanks to transit riders

Sign up below to volunteer with PPT to help our efforts on Transit Worker Appreciation Day the week of March 14th. We’ll be holding a number of canvasses where we’ll be talking to riders at bus stops and collecting their stories about how transit workers have made an impact on their lives. We’ll also be handing out thank-you cards for riders to hand to their bus drivers.