Transit Workers Appreciation Day is right around the corner

Ever year, March 18th marks the day for transit riders to show their appreciation for all the hard work that PAAC transit workers put into making our system run. This year PPT is going to show our appreciation by collecting personal thank-you notes from over 250 riders, and delivering them in person to the workers at the system’s 4 garages. PPT members will also be at bus stops spreading the word about Transit Worker Appreciation Day and giving out treats that riders can share with their operators.
Take action in any of the ways below to join PPT in showing PAAC workers that you appreciate all that they do.
➡️ Add your name to PPT’s thank-you card “Transit Riders 💖 Transit Operators”:
➡️ Join the PPT delegation on March 18th as we travel to PAAC’s garages give our thank you’s:
➡️ Sign up to canvas and hand out treats at bus stops for riders to give to our Operators:
➡️ Spread the word about Transit Workers Appreciation Day! Share social posts, invite friends to the Transit Workers Appreciation Day events, and like PPT’s page for updates!