#TrustRidersFundTransit! National Transit Rider Day-of-Action

#TrustRidersFundTransit is on October 6th is organized by Transit Riders of the US Together (TRUST), an emerging coalition of Transit Rider Unions from across the country

On October 6th, transit riders across the country will call on Congress and their local agencies to #TrustRidersFundTransit! This day to action will pressure elected officials to pass $32B in relief for public transit agencies and give riders a real say in determining how these dollars are used.

Local advocates in 10 cities across the country will tie these national demands to local campaigns to decriminalize public transit, improve rider engagement, and increase service. Check this blog to find out how to get involved with #TrustRidersFundTransit on October 6th

Take local action with Pittsburghers for Public Transit, 4pm 10/6, downtown at Sixth and Smithfield

Help PPT launch a petition for low-income fares on October 6th for the #TrustRidersFundTransit national transit rider day-of-action!

And tweet with the following hashtags to tell your elected officials and local agency to trust riders and fund transit!