COVID FARE RELIEF NOW: Rally Planned to Release New Report

COVID has threatened transit riders and our transit system like never before. To get both back on their feet, Port Authority must implement an emergency low-income fare now!

Join PPT to release a new report authored by our members that lays out the case for why Port Authority can’t afford to wait on piloting a low-income fare program. This is exactly the action that riders need during this economic depression, and what Port Authority needs as its ridership hits historic lows. COVID Fare Relief Now!

Rally & Release of New Report
Tuesday, 9/22, 11:15-12:15
Wilkinsburg Busway Station, at South Ave & Hay St.

Masks & Social Distance Required. Event will also be live-streamed with Closed Captioning via this Google Hangout Link: a ride or for any access needs, call PPT at 412-626-7353