Community-Wide Meeting to Plan Defense of Public Transit

Saturday, August 17 at 10am

One Smithfield St, Human Services Building

Downtown Pittsburgh 

You’re invited to attend a community-wide meeting to plan our fall actions to defend our public transportation. 

At the meeting, we will discuss: 

  • New PPT neighborhood chapters have launched this month. We’ll consider how we can build wider support for their upcoming action plans, proposals and meetings with their elected officials.
  • Starting new chapters in your own neighborhoods to educate your neighbors and elected officials on how transit cuts would affect your community and to mobilize for protective action. 
  • PPT show of broad support for public transit at Special Port Authority Board Meeting on Friday, August 23rd at 9:30 a.m. at 345 6th Ave. We must be sure the public is included in deliberations – we will coordinate our messages and sign up to speak. 
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission public comment session on August 27th to discuss amendments to Transportation Improvement Program – showing wider support for PPT Hill Chapter comments and concerns.
  • Transit Tales project: recording and broadcasting stories from riders, drivers and other supporters on why public transit is so important to our communities.
  • Fundraising to maintain staff and launch our campaigns across the county and state.
  • Building coalitions among our communities, businessess, and organizations that benefit from public transit: upcoming actions.