Neighborhood Chapters begin to launch

Because PA Senate Bill 1 to fund transportation failed to pass, and because we have little confirmed current information about public transit funding over the next two years, at our last General Membership meeting on July 20th,  Pittsburghers for Public Transit resolved to build chapters committees and networks in neighborhoods that will be impacted by potential transit cuts. This networking will allow transit advocates to more effectively mobilize our diverse communities to respond to the next round of cuts should they be announced in 2014 or 2015.

PPT will work to lay the groundwork not only to defend, but to expand public transit. We hope not only to resist cuts in service, fare hikes, and layoffs, but to become a proactive organization that is capable of advocating for increased service, fare reductions, and the practical enactment of the Transit Bill of Rights.

PPT will begin by helping to launch five community chapters of at least 15-20 active riders and drivers in neighborhoods that will be impacted by potential transit cuts. These core members will  help inform and mobilize their own fellow riders, drivers, neighbors, transit dependent businesses, churches and other community organizations.  We will help those active members recruit 100 total new supporters in the community for more powerful and effective mobilization, education campaigns, political actions and communications with elected officials.   
·     Each community chapter will work to identify and communicate the impacts of current and potential future public transit service cuts in their neighborhoods. They will develop proposals for education and action, both within their own groups and to present to the larger membership for wider support and mobilization.

Our first neighborhood chapter in Troy Hill is holding their first meeting this Friday, August 9th, at 7pm at the Grace Lutheran Church, 1701 Hatteras St.

Please contact us if you want to start a chapter in your own community!