Our state legislature did not pass a transportation bill which would have sustained public transit. So, we are again facing truly devastating cuts to Port Authority routes and service in the next few upcoming years. We must act decisively – too much damage will be done to our economy and our communities if we lose more service. We must build a more powerful mass movement in support of public transit and the health of our communities. 

We are extending an invitation all across Allegheny County to riders, drivers, and other transit supporters to a special mass meeting in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday, July 20th at 10 am at the Human Services Building at One Smithfield St.

We ask your help in spreading the word. We ask you bring your own communities’ special concerns, and your own ideas for new directions. We ask you to bring your friends, co-workers, fellow riders and drivers. We ask you to join in building a truly mass movement that can move us all forward together.

Thanks to you all.