Council Will Vote to Continue Moving Self-Driving Shuttle Deployment

On Wednesday, May 15th at 10 am, 414 Grant St Pgh 15219, Pittsburgh City Council will be asked to approve a $410k grant for public outreach on self-driving cars in the Hazelwood and Greenfield neighborhoods. This is yet another indication that the City’s decision to have autonomous vehicles (AV) be the “transportation solution” for these communities was determined in advance of engaging with the communities, and in opposition to resident desires. Join us to testify when City Council discusses this grant, to ask city councillors why DOMI is so insistent that this unproven, costly and harmful technology be deployed instead of proven solutions that residents have identified – sidewalks, public transit, traffic calming.

Residents of Hazelwood, Four Mile Run, South Oakland and Greenfield have real transportation and pedestrian safety needs that could be addressed with sidewalks, street lighting, bus shelters, weekend and evening transit service. Instead, $23 million in public money is being allocated just to create a roadway for Autonomous Vehicles that will drive through the heart of Schenley Park, which also threatens to undermine the water and sewer flooding mitigation efforts that are desperately needed in the Run.

Check out this coverage in WESA of the press conference, titled “A Shuttle System Through Schenley Park is Going Nowhere with Some Residents.

The open letter sent to Mayor Bill Peduto signed by residents of the Run, PPT and Penn Plaza Support and Action Coalition about the Mon-Oakland Connector.

DOMI: Invest in real transit solutions, not the Mon Oakland Connector

DOMI: Invest in real solutions, not the Mon Oakland ConnectorDOMI: Invest in real solutions, not the Mon Oakland Connector

On April 18, 2019, residents called on the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure to invest in the mobility solutions we know work – sidewalks, transit, traffic calming – and reverse course on the Mon Oakland Connector project.

From the start, the Mon Oakland Connector Project has looked to advance Autonomous Vehicles (AV) as the solution to these neighbors’ transportation issues, without ever engaging them in a public process.

See Ziggy Edwards, resident of the Run, speak up about this lack of public process and call for proven solutions to the neighborhood’s transportation and infrastructure problems.

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Posted by Pittsburghers for Public Transit on Wednesday, May 8, 2019