From Laura: Why 37 transit activists shared the spotlight

“Pittsburghers for Public Transit is changing the conversation around the power and importance of grassroots transit activism, and we do it with joy.”

A note from Laura Wiens, Director of Pittsburghers for Public Transit:

It’s no secret that they’re trying to keep us divided – by race, class, gender, sexuality, and with policies that produce gentrification, low-wages, and poor public transit.

We can only effect true social change when we organize across difference, and center the needs and leadership of our most marginalized neighbors. PPT has done this from the start. We are changing the conversation around the power of grassroots transit activism, and we do it with joy.

You can move this work forward by rising up with us, donating to this year-end fundraising campaign, and getting involved in this movement for transit justice.

In 2019, PPT made headlines with 96+ new stories in both local and national press. 37 different PPT members were featured in this coverage.

We only win when this work is led by members of our diverse communities. It is with that belief that we push forward bold community-led campaigns to expand transit in underserved areas like the Mon Valley and Eastern Suburbs, to ensure affordable housing in neighborhoods with high-quality transit like East Liberty, to insist on equitable public investments to benefit communities like Hazelwood, Four Mile Run and Greenfield, and to hold public officials accountable to resident’s needs.

Together we are moving the dial, but we are up against entrenched money and power that wants to see us disorganized.

There is a place for you in this movement.

Whether it is donating to this year-end fundraising campaign, attending our monthly meetings, giving public comment, rallying in the streets, or riding the bus with your neighbors; we each have a part to play.

I hope that you’ll ride with us for a better transit future.

In solidarity,

Laura Wiens,
Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Director

PS: Only 12 more people donating any amount – $2.75, $10, $50, $200! – will tip us over the goal line!