Transit Workers & Riders for a Better Transit Future

“Transit riders and transit workers must advocate together for a better transit future.”

Pittsburghers for Public Transit believes in living wages, benefits, safe working conditions, and union rights for transit workers. It’s in our Transit Bill of Rights. PPT’s advocacy has always centered the needs of riders AND workers because that’s how we build a system that works better for everyone.

Stand with PPT in this belief during the Year-end Fundraising Campaign. Your donations and involvement will elevate this vision. The more perspectives that we have in the movement, the stronger we will be.

A message from James Hanna, Port Authority Bus Operator, Amalgamated Transit Union Member, PPT Leader:

‘Driving a bus is a challenging job. The safety of hundreds of people are my responsibility each and every day. And those days are long – early mornings, late evenings and split shifts. If commuting through rush hour takes a lot out of you, know that it takes a toll on your drivers too. But I know there are so many passengers who depend on what I do to make their lives work. That’s why I got involved with PPT.

Effective transit advocacy requires solidarity between transit workers and transit riders. We are collectively the ones who use the system day in and day out. Our work with PPT brings that knowledge and diversity together, and we draw our power to affect positive change from that collaboration.

– James Hanna, Port Authority Bus Operator, Amalgamated Transit Union Member, PPT Leader

Your action will make it possible for PPT to continue this intersectional advocacy to win quality, affordable public transit for all in Allegheny County.

PPT’s goal is to rally 200 people to donate before the end of 2019 – we are so close! Just 12 more people donating any amount – $2.75, $10, $50, $200! – will tip us over the goal line!