Port Authority’s Q4 Service Adjustments, with comment from @PGH_Bus_Info Hotline

Each quarter the Port Authority adjusts its transit schedules and routes to account for rider’s requests, ridership shifts, construction, road closures and/or all of the other unexpected hiccups that might affect Pittsburgh roads. 

Additionally, Port Authority’s new Bus Stop Consolidation program aims to eliminate 20-30% of stops in the entire system. PPT’s feelings about this program are complicated, but every quarter PAAC plans to announce plans for stop consolidation on two new routes. We’re also going to begin including information about this program in these quarterly service adjustment blogs.

In case you missed it, the most recent set of service adjustments went into effect on Sunday, November 24th, 2019. You can check Port Authority’s website to follow these quarterly service changes.

The @PGH_Bus_Info Hotline is a volunteer-run twitter account that gives riders updates on Port Authority’s daily happenings. The Hotline has no official connection to the Port Authority (again, it is a volunteer-run twitter account) but the updates are helpful nonetheless. The Hotline is a big supporter of PPT, and an enormous advocate for public transit. We’re thankful for they’re support and happy to share this rundown of the Q3 service changes compiled by the @PGH_Bus_Info Hotline.

Rundown of quarterly Service adjustments, with takeaways from the @PGH_Bus_Info Hotline

The @Bus_Info_Hotline’s overall takeaway from this quarter’s changes:

Hard to believe that the next quarter is already upon us, but yes! Its time for the Q4 service changes. This Quarterly Service Changes Update isn’t super Wow – no big changes.

However, with the Port Authority launching their new bus stop consolidation program. We’ll begin watching and commenting these changes as well.

Remember that riders can give any input or requests to the Port Authority’s Customer Service via twitter, the website or a phonecall: 412-442-2000

Route changes below went into effect on Sunday, November 24th 2019:

1-Freeport Road – Some time points have been removed, though the schedule has not changed.

28X-Airport Flyer – Buses will now drop off passengers at the commercial departures curb of the landside terminal. Buses will continue to pick up passengers at the commercial arrivals curb at door 6 of the landslide terminal.

@PGH_Bus_Info Hotline’s takeaway:

For an airport route to drop-off at departures and pickup at arrivals, sure makes a lot of sense. We approve. Though this routing isn’t so new, this was the original 28X format. Sometimes whats old is new again.

67-Monroeville – Some time points have been removed and schedules have been adjusted.

P67-Monroeville Flyer – Some time points have been removed and schedules have been adjusted.

69-Trafford – Some time points have been removed and schedules have been adjusted.

P69-Trafford Flyer – Some time points have been removed and schedules have been adjusted.

77-Penn Hills – Some time points have been removed and schedules have been adjusted.

P10–Allegheny Valley Flyer – Regular routing will no longer serve RIDC Park in O’Hara. The P10 Limited will serve RIDC Park. Schedules have been revised to reflect this change. + P10–Allegheny Valley Limited – This modified routing will operate between Downtown, East Busway, and RIDC Park.

@PGH_Bus_Info Hotline’s takeaway:

Positive that reverse commute trips have finally been restored after over a decade of people in the Valley asking for it.

Also positive is that the P10L will be making its debut .

Unfortunatly, this is a sloppy execution of a good idea. These reverse commute trips will start inbound by looping RIDC PARK then running into town. In the PM Rush, these routes will run via RT 28 Washington Blvd and the busway into town rather than giving the entire valley or Harmar folks reverse commute access.

Conversely, AM P10L WILL ONLY run between Town and RIDC PARK also via the E Busway Washington Blvd and RT 28 again leaving a part of the valley out of the reverse commute equation.

Also this change needlessly and unfairly takes away existing commuter options for RIDC PARK Riders via the normal P10 non-limited service. A proper execution would’ve benefitted ALL Riders and we (PBI and the writer) hope that this erroneous and inequitable execution will be improved at a later date.

P16-Penn Hills Flyer – Service will be re-established to Hulton Road, Hulton Arbors, Oakmont and Harmar once Hulton Road reopens. For Hulton Road detour information or service updates, please call Customer Service at 412-442-2000.

@PGH_Bus_Info Hotline’s takeaway:

Service has thankfully been fully restored albeit in the same limited capacity to Hulton Arbors in Penn Hills and Harmar following Port Authority refusal and supposed previous inability/unwillingness to detour around a aoadwork project this past Spring and Summer. This effectively stranded those riders ALL of summer, part of spring and part of fall. Not great customer service…

We imagine folks will be glad to have their service restored. Unfortunately, service now ends slightly earlier and there appears to be 1 less Hulton Arbors + Harmar trip…

Rundown of Quarterly Stop Consolidation, with takeaways from the @PGH_Bus_Info Hotline

@PGH_Bus_Info Hotline’s takeaway:

On November 24th, the Port Authority consolidated stops on the 16 and 51 after announcing their plan in early September. Although the first draft plan and progcess was meh, we’re glad that residents in the North Side and Carrick were able to speak up and keep their stops.

The Port Authority’s next round of stop consolidation will happen on the 88 and 48. However, because lots of other buses use the same roads, nearly 3,000 riders on the 88, 48, 71C, 74, 77, 82, 86, 89, 54, 91, 43, 44, 51L, 75.

Port Authority has made some big changes to their process after riders and PPT spoke up about ways it could get improved. We’re glad that they were responsive, but people should deinatly review the plans and get their feedback in asap.

Port Authority Customer Service can be reached via twitter, the website or a phonecall: 412-442-2000

The @PGH_BUS_INFO Hotline can be reached by phone @ 412-759-3335 ONLY When PortAuthority Customer Service is Closed/unavailable 

Or via Twitter anytime: @PGH_BUS_INFO

The PGH Bus Info Hotline will be back on PPT’s blog in for the next set of Quarter Service Adjustments. See ya then! (And if you want, you can check out Q3 changes here, Or Q2’s changes here)

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