Out onto the buses and into the streets!

Our next general membership meeting will be this Saturday, January 19th at 10 am at the Human Services Building, One Smithfield St, in the Liberty Conference Room on the ground floor. There’s free parking – just hit the call button at the gate and someone will let you in.

Here’s big stuff coming up that we’ll be talking about and that you can be part of:

  • January 22nd press conference at City-Council building to launch our legislative and direct organizing campaigns. Out onto the buses and into the streets!
  • February 11, Harrisburg rally to support dedicated funding for mass transit with statewide coalition partners: free buses leaving at 7:30 am, rally at 2pm, coming back the same day.
  • Volunteer training on Sunday, January 27th  from 1-3 pm.
  • We got the Sprout grant! Thanks to the creativity and hard work of our partners Bricolage Production Company and PCRG, our teams will soon be launching out to collect your bus stories and to develop interactive community theater! Stories will be regularly featured at the City Paper Blogh in a range of media.
  • This website is being developed even as I post this information. Keep checking in as we evolve from our old dinosaur days.
  • Transit Tuesdays: regular meetings downtown between 3-5pm to flyer at the bus stops and on buses, including helping promote our allies’ events
  • Nominations of new Coordinating Committee members, Angela Howze, community organizer for the Hill District Consensus Group, and Bob Schmitt of the Committee for Accessible Transit.