PAAC’s ULI Panel and MindMixer Forum

PPT was happy to be invited to present this morning to PAAC’s Urban Land Institute advisory panel on the future of our transit system.  We told them about us and our Transit Bill of Rights and suggested that PAAC sign onto it.

What would it look like for Port Authority to join us in affirming and realizing these rights?  Well, for starters…

  • Making sure that public transit planning and decision-making processes are inclusiveand transparent
  • Giving riders and drivers a more substantive and formalized role in transit planning 
  • Making the board (including who they are, how and why they were appointed) more visible
  • Communicating with the public about how their feedback is considered and addressed
  • Besides maintaining and enhancing existing service to those who are already best served by our transit system, also prioritizing and actively working towards the restoration and expansion of service to those underserved neighborhoods in our community
  • Ensuring that the voices of current residents of neighborhoods affected by transit-oriented development projects are given equal weight to those of public officials and outside developers in planning processes
  • Supplementing data-driven policy with place-based qualitative analysis and studies
  • Lowering fares and creating simple and affordable fare structures
  • Working with and mobilizing communities to help find solutions that meet their transit needs

Read more about the U.L.I. process HERE!

You can also have your say about public transportation in our region by registering for the Port Authority’s MindMixer forum – sign up and speak out today!