PPT takes the National stage to fight for an emergency low-income fares program

In the last week, PPT has partnered with Green For All to take our call for an emergency low-income fare program to the national stage. Now more than ever, public transit must be treated as an essential life-sustaining service – like housing, food, and utilities. Just like other emergency programs have been created to assist us with those essentials, Port Authority needs to implement a low-income fares program to help riders get where they need to go.

It is a matter of economic justice. It is a matter of public health.

PPT organizer Josh Malloy advocates for a low-income fare program on a national Green for All Transit Equity Townhall.

He was joined with some big names from Baltimore, and the Bay area. Josh called for a low-income fare program and defunding the police to let black and brown communities invest that money in transit that best serves them. Watch the town hall to hear from Josh and these other important transit equity advocates.

PPT Member Deanna Turner interviewed & makes the call for a low-income fare program

Deanna lives in Hazelwood, is a mom, and has had to take the bus to work in Oakland through this whole pandemic. In her interview, Deanna explains that $97/month for transit is forcing her to make decisions about whether she spends money on other essential needs like utilities and food.

She calls for an emergency low-income fare program to help front-line essential workers survive this economic crisis. Listen to her interview below

Separately, Teaira spoke at the PA Poor People’s Campaign Jubilee last month to elevate the demand for an Emergency low-income fare

Call Port Authority and join Josh, Deanna, and PPT in the call for an emergency low-income fare now!


Script: Hello, My name is ________. I am calling to request that Port Authority fo Allegheny County implement a low-income fare program, which would allow low-income riders to show their EBT benefits card in place of fare payment. Fares place undue burdens on low-income essential workers and transit reliant communities. Can a representative from Port Authority please call me back to share when you will be implementing this program or taking steps to address my concern?

Add your name to those organizing for this change