This Bus is for All of Us! Join or renew your PPT Membership today for the Summer Member Drive! 

PPT is on the verge of winning the biggest campaign in our history – free fares for all SNAP/EBT families in Allegheny County – but it won’t happen unless we show we have power.
You can build strength to win this campaign by becoming a PPT Member today.

Xxxxxxxx people of all ages will have their lives transformed if PPT wins this our campaign for free fares for all SNAP/EBT households in Allegheny County. That means xxxxx mothers, fathers, and children will be able to access healthy food, new job opportunites, and life-saving healthcare – but only if we organize together to make the demand.

PPT Members are at the forefront of this soon-to-be historic victory. You can help seal the deal and transform access in Allegheny County by joining us as a PPT Member today during our Summer Membership Drive.

Join with transit riders and become a PPT Member today as part of our Summer Member Drive. We need you active to win.

So what does it mean to be a member of PPT? PPT’s Membership is a diverse and growing group of transit riders, transit workers, and neighbors who are dedicated to the ideals enshrined in the Transit Bill of Rights. PPT Members help in all sorts of ways – some join committees, some attend meetings, some just donate and encourage others to do the same. But at our core, all PPT Members make the same three commitments:

  1. PPT members pledge to support the organization’s Transit Bill of Rights which declares public transit as a human right.
  2. PPT members share in supporting the organization’s budget with membership dues of at least $2.75/mo – the cost of a single Port Authority cash fare – with no one excluded because of inability to pay.
  3. PPT members help the organization build power. This looks different for every Member. Some attend meetings, some vote in our elections, some volunteer on a committee. Others spread the word on social media, speak up at public meetings, or donate and encourage others to do the same. How can you help build power for transit justice?

Once you become a PPT Member, you will be a real part of winning improvements that benefit the lives of your neighbors. Our members shape the future of our organization. As a PPT Member, you will be able to vote to elect the people who lead our Organization during our annual Board Elections in July. You’ll also be able shape our annual strategic plan and vote to approve it in December.

Become a PPT Member and build the movement for transit justice. Help us hit our goal of 100 new and renewing members during our Summer Membership Drive