Transit Toward Transformation! Victory for McKees Rocks Weekend Service

Ms. Terri Minor Spencer, of West End P.O.W.E.R. with PPT board and staff during a pre-pandemic organizing meeting for the 22-McCoy weekend service restoration campaign.

“We rely heavily on the 22-McCoy. We use it for everything.”

Last month, Port Authority announced that it would extend weekend service to 99% of all Local routes. This decision brought victory to 6 different communities who organized neighborhood service restoration campaigns with PPT!

System-wide weekend service will truly be transformative for Allegheny County. For PPT’s year-end fundraising campaign “Transit Toward Transformation” we are telling the stories of the leaders who worked with us on some of these campaigns.

Read below to hear from Ms. Cindy Rulli about the victory on the 22-McCoy. Check out this blog to hear from Ms. Teaira Collins about the 93-Hazelwood campaign. And read this blog to hear from Ms. Nora Kelly about the 39-Brookline.

A message from Ms. Cindy Rulli about her community’s weekend service victory for the 22-McCoy:

My name is Cindy, and I am a resident of Mckees Rocks. My neighborhood is a very tight-knit community, and I know many of my neighbors in our housing complex. We rely heavily on the 22 McCoy. We use it for everything.

One of our biggest problems is that the 22 McCoy stops running for the weekend on Saturdays at 8 pm, which means that me and my neighbors miss out on important opportunities. For those of us who ride the bus, this has really limited our access to good jobs, what churches we can attend, and what holidays we spend with family. It feels like we are trapped in our homes.

Last year, my daughter’s house was hit by a drunk driver. I couldn’t go comfort my daughter and my grandkids because it happened after the last bus had already left our neighborhood. 

In 2018, we held two community meetings in the West End with Pittsburghers for Public Transit  to talk through our neighborhood’s transit needs, and to launch a petition to the Port Authority. Winning weekend service is a game changer for my neighbors and I! I can’t wait to begin to attend church services again, and to celebrate the holidays with my family.

Give to PPT’s year-end fundraising campaign to help more riders like Ms. Cindy organize for expanded transit in their communities.