Transit Riders Act: Stop Solitary Confinement, Pass Breonna’s Law

Help bring an end to solitary confinement at the Allegheny County Jail, and pass Breonna’s Law to end no-knock warrants because transit justice is an intersectional issue!

Join members of Pittsburghers for Public Transit to support the county-wide effort to end Solitary Confinement and pass Breonna’s Law to ban no-knock warrants.

These campaigns are being led by the Alliance for Police Accountability. Visit APA’s website for more info on the campaign:

We need 27,000 signatures to get these issues on the ballot in May.

Help pass these efforts into law by joining PPT on these volunteer canvass days. Opportunities to help either in-person or via phone will be updated throughout the campaign.

See our schedule of volunteer canvass days below to sign up. And reach out if there are any questions:

Visit the Alliance for Police Accountability’s website to learn more and get directly involved with their organizing.