PPT’s Year-end Fundraising Drive is a success, with 320+ people raising $19,500

PPT members are ready to organize for transformation

Pittsburghers for Public Transit is proud to announce that we far exceeded even our reach goal for the organization’s 2020 year-end fundraiser – “Transit Towards Transformation” – with over 320 people helping to raise $19,500! These dollars and the community who raised them are absolutely essential for keeping our advocacy moving forward.

The American system is built on inequity. As we started in 2020, 140 milllion people were in poverty. Tens of thousands were without healthcare, struggling with education, crushed with debt, and on the brink of eviction. Then COVID hit, and things got far worse.

The pandemic has decimated transit systems, the riders who rely on them, and the cities and states that they move. The only way that we can support each other and defend our freedom to move is to organize together.

This incredible support for PPT amidst this time shows we are ready to organize for transformation.

Together in 2020, the PPT community:

More is ahead for 2021. These campaigns and victories will only expand as we build our base and sharpen our vision for change together.

We want to send a huge thank you to the 280 people who donated to the year-end fundraising campaign, and the 40 people who volunteered to help make it a success. We want to send a special thank you to Ms. Teaira Collins, Ms. Terri Minor Spencer, Ms. Cindy Rulli, and Ms. Nora Kelley who all shared their stories as people who lead successful campaigns for weekend service.

Most of all, thank you to everyone who has been active with PPT over the last year. Whether you came to a meeting, canvassed bus riders, signed a petition, or followed PPT’s newsletters and social media – we all contributed to this success. We all make this work impactful.

We have what it takes to transit toward transformation. Please invite your people to join PPT, to come to a meeting, to donate, to subscribe. We are showing that democratic grassroots organizing can bring change and we all need to be involved.