‘Cus Workers Rock, We Roll: Support Transit Worker Appreciation Day March 18

image description: left side of the graphic has a Transit Worker Appreciation Day logo. Right side of the graphic has illustration of riders hold signs standing behind a transit worker

This Transit Worker Appreciation Day, March 18th, help workers, riders, and our system by calling for better schedules. Tell your story today to build the demand for better, more accurate scheduling.

Bad schedules are bad news for both workers and riders using our transit system. If you’ve been riding the routes the last few years you’ve probably seen some schedules that have made you scratch your head. For this year’s Transit Worker Appreciation Day, we’re uplifting the call from workers and riders to fix the schedules so that we can all have better days. Help us in the effort by signing up to canvass riders and workers on March 18th to collect stories about how schedules have impacted their lives and how they can be improved for us all.

Bad schedules affect the relationship between riders and operators. Some schedules are not realistic, so transit workers arrive late at stops or not at all. This obviously impacts bus riders who rely on those schedules to get to work, pick up their children, make it to appointments, and various other needs throughout their day.

These schedules don’t leave time for operators to take bathroom breaks or meal breaks. Can you imagine working a long day without more than five minutes to eat and no time for bathroom breaks? Operators are then forced to choose between making it as on time as they can for their riders that they know depend on them, or taking a break that they know they need. This should not be the case. Better schedules will lead to better days for our operators. 

For Transit Worker Appreciation Day we want to hear your stories about how bad schedules are impacting your life as a rider or as a worker. We will be out canvassing at bus stops on Monday, March 18th for Transit Worker Appreciation Day, to collect stories and show our workers that we stand with them. We want better days for our community of riders and workers.

Find us at these places throughout the day on Transit Worker Appreciation Day, Monday, March 18th:

8am-10am East Liberty at Highland Ave. and Penn Ave.

11am-1pm Squirrel Hill at Forbes Ave. and Murray Ave.

1pm-3pm in Homestead at Waterfront Giant Eagle

4pm-6pm Downtown at 6th St. and Smithfield St.

Sign up below to join us on March 18th to talk to riders and workers.