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PPT Uses New Complete Streets Advisory Group to Encourage Better Transit Infrastructure

PPT Members Organize for Transit Streets with the Renewed Complete Streets Advisory Group PPT members have been organizing for accessible and safe transit streets for several years now, beginning with the Pittsburgh mayoral race of 2021, and with specific policy goals outlined in the Pittsburgh 100 Day Transit Platform. Last fall, PPT won one of […]

BIG CONSTRUCTION on the Red Line will close it all Summer

The Red Line will be closed all summer due to some big (and important) construction projects. See more about the project details on PRT’s website here. The good news is that this is the type of work that only needs to get done every 30-40 years……the bad news is that it’s finally time for PRT […]

‘Cus Workers Rock, We Roll: Support Transit Worker Appreciation Day March 18

This Transit Worker Appreciation Day, March 18th, help workers, riders, and our system by calling for better schedules. Tell your story today to build the demand for better, more accurate scheduling. Bad schedules are bad news for both workers and riders using our transit system. If you’ve been riding the routes the last few years […]

Digitally what? Digitally organize! Meet Daeja Baker, PPT’s New Digital Organizer.

Meet Daeja, newest member of PPT and our first digital organizer! We’ve hired a digital organizer! PPT is growing its organizational capacity bringing its staff from four to five. Daeja has organized in Pittsburgh for 15 years and founded Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality in 2017, a base that she has used to organize across several […]

Elected Officials, Advocates Build Gameplan for Better+More Transit Service

PPT roundtable highlights how legislators at all levels of government can expand funding to improve & expand our buses, trains, and access to opportunity On February 20th, more than 70 elected officials, their staff, and local transit advocates gathered to chart a way forward to improve transit service quality by increasing funding for PRT operations. […]