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The Secret to Getting Around the Transit App Pay Wall – It’s In the Details.

Transit App unveils new paid subscription, taking away access to key features. Free access is available, just message Transit in their app. Launched in 2019, Transit app has become one of the nation’s leading real-time public transit trackers. For those unfamiliar, Transit uses a crowdsourcing model to collect data of live bus times via user […]

Give feedback on our 2024 Strategic Plan!

Want to help shape the future of transit justice in Pittsburgh? This is your last chance to help PPT create our 2024 strategic plan–and the future of our organizing!  PPT is dedicated to a democratically-made strategic plan, which means that your feedback and visions are an integral part of the creation process. We’ve put together […]

Congrats to Sara Innamorato, Transit Champion and County Exec-Elect!

Join us in congratulating County Executive-elect Sara Innamorato on her victory! Sara put out a big vision for what public transit can be in our county.Sign on to say you’ll support her in making it real. Congratulations to incoming Allegheny County Executive Sara Innamorato, the first woman to hold the role! We celebrate the fact […]

RIDER INPUT NEEDED! PRT is redesigning the entire bus network

PRT’s new Bus Line Redesign project holds incredible potential and potential pitfalls. Riders need to get involved to demand a system that’s the right size for all of our needs. Its finally happening. PRT has been speaking for months about doing a redesign of the entire bus network after it was identified as a top […]

Transit Riders’ Priorities for the next Allegheny County Executive

Transit riders in Allegheny County are being presented with a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Go Straight to Transit Riders’ Demands After 12 years of being in this office, current County Executive Rich Fitzgerald has reached his term limit, and will vacate the seat in January, 2024. That means that this year’s election for County Executive on November […]