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Riders Present 550+ Signature Petition to PRT Board #NotMyBRT

Let’s Turn This Bus Around! Riders present #NotMyBRT Petition with a 500+ signatures to reverse the October 1 Service Changes and give us more transit, not less. At the Friday, October 27th PRT Board Meeting, transit riders were back for the second time to demand that the October 1st service changes and the downward of […]

Pledge to #VoteTransit for the Allegheny County Executive Election

Transit riders! Make the pledge to #VoteTransit on November 7th in the Allegheny County Executive Election. We need a leader in office who will do the most for transit riders and our transit system. Voters will roll to the polls to elect a new leader for the MOST POWERFUL REGIONAL OFFICE FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT, the […]

Calling All Artists: Be Commissioned for Transit Justice Campaigns!

Are you an artist in the Pittsburgh region who is passionate about Transit Justice? Have you been looking for a way to share your art while getting involved in a movement for positive change? Then have we got the opportunities for you!  Keep reading for two opportunities to create artwork for Pittsburghers for Public Transit […]

#NotMyBRT! Tell the PRT board your story.

Riders are speaking out! Changes to the 61s, 71s and other routes have caused worse access. RSVP to join us and testify to the PRT board.   BRT improvements should make our transit access better, not set us back. We want PRT to reverse the changes! To accommodate the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT, for […]

Send Love to Ms. Lisa Gonzalez’s Memory, She Taught Us How to Fight

Ms. Lisa was a long-time Board Member who led Pittsburghers for Public Transit’s campaign for transit justice. Her passing is a heartbreak for all in the movement. Please take a moment today to share your memories of Ms. Lisa and send condolences to her family. After a long battle with cancer, Ms. Lisa Gonzalez passed […]

Riders Rally to Stop Cuts, Call for Improvements!

Riders TURNED OUT Friday to speak directly to the board and call for a stop to these cuts. SUPPORT THE CALL for BRT improvements by signing the petition today! Did you hear? This Friday, PPT members and allies came together to protest proposed service cuts to the 61 and 71 bus routes–and it was absolute […]